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Queen of the Court

Why did you choose Clarke?
I chose Clarke for many different reasons. One reason was the basketball program, and another was the academics it offered. I knew I wanted to get into physical therapy, and with the option of athletic training as an undergraduate, it was a win-win.

Do you play a sport or do you support Crusader athletics?
I play women’s basketball here and I do support athletics. With Clarke being such a small community, it is a lot of fun to go to all the athletic games and support your friends and classmates.

Of the other activities you are involved with, how have they added to your college experience?
Being a member of CATS has added to my experience because it allows me to interact with students in the same major as me.

Did you receive financial aid?
I did, and I also have federal work study. It has made it possible for me to attend school here.

What do you enjoy about campus?
I enjoy how small it is. You can make it to class in 5 minutes. It also is pretty nice that you do not have to walk outside very much, especially in the winter.

What do you like about Dubuque?
I love the downtown area of Dubuque, especially by the riverwalk. Once the weather gets nice it is relaxing to sit or walk by the river; it is a nice break from studying.

Do any faculty/staff members stand out?
I would say that all of the teachers I have had stand out in my mind, not any one in particular. All of the teachers I have had show a genuine interest in my well-being. They want me to learn the information, but they also want me to know how to apply it and use it in the real world.

So far, what has been your most memorable Clarke experience?
I would have to say my favorite part of Clarke is all of the other students. Clarke is such a small school, so you can walk in the Atrium and know half of the people. It provides a more comfortable environment because almost everyone you see you either know or have seen before.

If you had the chance to tell a prospective student one GREAT thing about Clarke, what would it be?
The whole atmosphere of the school is great. The teachers here genuinely care about you and get to know you. You will not just be a face in a classroom of people. You will have friends in all grades, and everyone is friendly so it is very easy to make friends, which is very appealing.

Anna Hahn

Anna Hahn

YEAR: Sophomore

Athletic Training/Pre-PT

New Berlin, Wisconsin

CLARKE ACTIVITIES: Women's Basketball, CATS (Clarke Athletic Training Society)


HOBBIES: tennis, basketball, listening to music

  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015