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Why did you choose Clarke?
I have a family friend who is an alumna of Clarke. She always pushed me to come to Clarke for a visit. After I did, I applied because it meant so much to her. I had my heart set on another place, but the track coach, Adam Hinders, contacted me because of my involvement in pole vault. Between Adam and my admissions counselor, Alicia Schmitt, they made it possible for me to come all the way to Dubuque. After visiting, feeling part of a community, and finding out that most of my classes would be less than 20 students, I decided to go for it! And now that I'm here, I can't imagine being anywhere else.

What is the best part about being involved on campus?
Being on the track team gives me a scheduled time everyday to be active, and it keeps me busy. It has also shaped my social life. My team is like my family and I don't know what my life at Clarke would be like with out them. I really liked being a Tuckpointer and getting to interact with new students but it wasn't enough for me. So I decided to expand that experience to the entire year and become a Resident Assistant in Mary Benedict Hall. I'm also involved with campus ministry and I have had a lot of volunteering opportunities from them. I am usually involved in campus mass every week and that has allowed me to form another 'family-like' group on campus.

Have you been on any Campus Ministry retreats?
Yes, one of my favorite things is the Antioch retreat. That is a weekend-long Christian retreat used to step away from your life on campus and reflect on yourself and your relationship with God. We have Mass and listen to several speakers. It is an emotionally heavy and eye-opening weekend, but I always feel awesome after it. I have attended the Antioch retreats for two years and this year I am leading it. Attending Antioch was one of the best decisions I have made, and I like to say it's the best-kept secret on campus. This year I am looking forward to organizing the teams and ensuring that everything is coordinated for all of the students who attend. It has shaped the personal aspect of my college career and how I interact with people. I think everyone should experience Antioch while they are at Clarke.

What is it like being a Resident Assistant?
I really love the interaction with all of the girls on my floor. I love to talk and be around other people even if we are just relaxing and hanging out. I'm not an introvert at all, so I'm happier when there are people around and with 17 girls on my floor, I'm not usually alone. I've taken my girls to the Into the Streets service opportunity and to Cherry Berry for frozen yogurt. We've done hallway bowling and a YouTube sharing session. We all have a lot of fun together and have become really close friends. 

Did you receive any financial aid from Clarke?
Yes, I have work-study jobs, as well as an academic scholarship and a track scholarship. I only have small student loans and without the financial aid I can't imagine what it would've been like. I am lucky enough to not pay anything out-of-pocket, as I would've been doing at other schools. With financial aid, every little bits counts.

What faculty member has been most influential to your education?
Karen Glover. I've had some classes with her but none this semester. I felt like I wasn't getting to see her very often so I stopped by her office the other day to ask if she would join me for lunch. We met in the SAC and were able to sit down and talk for an hour. That was great for me.


Mileva Gacanich


MAJOR: Biochemistry and Mathematics

Socorro, New Mexico

Track, Tuckpointer, Resident Assistant, Antioch Leader, Campus Store employee, chemistry department stockroom assistant, Study With A Guide (SWAG) leader.

Anything but horror movies 

Mac-n-Jack, Lasagna, and Butternut Squash Ravioli

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  • Transfer Fall 2015