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Small Town Girl

Why did you choose Clarke?
I chose Clarke for the small size and the friendly students and staff. They make everyone feel at home. I came from a small high school of only 80 people so it was the perfect fit for me.

Do you play a sport or do you support Crusader athletics? What makes it fun?
I support the athletic teams. It's always fun and interactive. There are lot of different games and activities they do during breaks in the game to keep fans entertained. 

Of the other activities you are involved with, how have they added to your college experience? 
They are a good way to meet new people outside of classes and stay involved on campus. Many of the people you meet at these events, you wouldn't normally see in your day-to-day schedule.

Did you receive financial aid? If so, how did it help you?
I received financial aid and it was a huge help in deciding if attending Clarke was going to be possible for me. The staff members in the financial aid office were understanding and helpful when I had questions. 

What do you enjoy about campus?
I enjoy the small size, and that I can get anywhere within about five minutes. With the recent snowfall it was a huge plus not having to go outside in the cold!

What do you like about Dubuque?
I like that many of the places are easy to get to from campus. Even though it is a smaller city, there is still so much going on. I came from a small town so it is a plus just to have restaurants and movie theaters.

Do any faculty/staff members stand out?
Rachel Daack has really made an impression on me. She is always willing to help if I have questions in my sociology class. Not only that, but she will talk to me about anything to ensure my college experience is everything it should be.

So far, what has been your most memorable Clarke experience?
My most memorable Clarke experience was decorating our wing of the dorm for homecoming. It was so much fun to bond with all of my floor mates. It's not everyday that you get an excuse to draw on walls with crayons.

If you had the chance to tell a prospective student one GREAT thing about Clarke, what would it be?
One great thing about Clarke is the close feeling you have with everyone on campus. There is almost always something going on, giving you an opportunity to get together with other students. It is really hard to feel left out at Clarke if you take advantage of everything they offer.

Corrine Stoewer

Corrine Stoewer

YEAR: Freshman

MAJOR: Nursing

Scales Mound, Illinois

Choir, intramural basketball

Forrest Gump 

HOBBIES: singing, swimming, sports

  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015