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Ambition on and off the field

Renee is full of energy. She is multilingual, speaking English, Spanish and Tagalog, a Filipino language she speaks at home, coming from Filipino and Jamaican lineage. She loves to dance and has her own You Tube channel where she exhibits her moves. “Anybody can dance,” she says. She is studying to become a physical therapist and enjoys the hands-on training offered at Clarke. “I had to touch a cadaver’s gluteus maximus!” she relates. Renee also plays soccer for the women’s team here at Clarke. “The team was so welcoming when I met them. They are like family now.” Coming from the Chicago area, she finds Clarke’s atmosphere safe and friendly. She loves the one-on-one customized attention from professors and the resources available to students. Renee has many post-graduation aspirations. Aside from working in physical therapy, she’d like to live in New York City and open her own photography studio. She also paints. “I just want to be happy!” she says. 

Renee Dionisio

Renee Dionisio  

YEAR: Junior

MAJOR: Psychology and Pre-Physical Therapy

Chicago, Ill.

Women's Soccer

HOBBIES: Dancing, Soccer, Painting and Photography

  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015