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David Resnick

Instructor of Music
Office: 117 EKH 
Mail Stop: 1798 
Phone: 6336 


Degrees earned: Master of Music

Professional experience: 33 years teaching, composing and performing music.

Teaching philosophy: During the last 21 years, the education of Clarke students in accordance with the university mission has always been my primary focus. With the BVM core values of freedom, education, charity and justice, at its heart, the university mission inspires and instructs my teaching. I strive to help each student to develop his/her aesthetic potential, which is sensitivity and responsiveness to that which is beautiful in music. Underlying this effort is my teaching philosophy, which is also my life philosophy: learn – share – make things better.

As the son of two dedicated teachers, I have benefitted from a life of educational freedom with learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. My parents’ example of continuous learning, sharing, and making a positive difference in the lives of others opened my eyes to the opportunities/challenges of the teaching profession. My commitment to expand student accessibility to learning resources (Moodle/Blackboard) allows each student the freedom to choose the learning conditions that are best for them.

I believe that we are all born to learn. I make every effort to create optimal opportunities for my students to learn new knowledge and skills that they can then share with others – their future students.  An essential part of this process is my own need/opportunity to deepen and broaden my personal knowledge and skills. Besides having more knowledge and skills to share with my students, my example of constant self-improvement may inspire them to lifelong learning.

Regardless of the teaching setting, I strive to create warm and supportive surroundings. I ask engaging questions and ask that each student write his/her responses. Each student is then invited to contribute these thoughts to the discussion. By giving my students time to consider their responses and then listening with respect to their input, I foster trust and mutual respect.

In order to share knowledge and skills with my students, I must also continue to hone my communication skills. I teach a wide variety of music classes; instrumental methods for majors, ensemble rehearsals, general education, as well as individual lessons. Each type of learning situation utilizes a different combination of communication skills for optimum learning. Through words and deeds, both mine and theirs, students live and learn in a just atmosphere and develop habits that foster social justice.

Every day at Clarke, I have the opportunity to share knowledge and skills with students in an environment which values freedom, education, charity and justice. In this environment, I have the best opportunity to challenge students to learn – share – make things better.

David’s favorite:

Movie – Wizard of Oz

Book – The Little Engine That Could

Quote – “If you’re not modeling what you’re teaching you’re teaching something else.”

Class in college – Jazz Band

Place traveled – Vienna, Austria

Hobby – Croquet



  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015