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Patricia Veneziano

Instructor of Nursing
Office: 129A CBH 
Mail Stop: 1727 
Phone: 8162 


Seven years full-time nursing faculty at Clarke University; 12 years adjunct nursing faculty for Clarke University and University of Dubuque; 38 years registered nurse in Birthing Unit at Mercy Medical Center; 12 years assistance head nurse in Birthing Unit at Mercy Medical Center; American Heart CPR and first aid instructor; 15 years breastfeeding educator; notary for state of Iowa.

My philosophy of teaching is based upon a model of caring that includes organization, competence and experiences within the system of learning. I want to provide a partnership between the learner and the teacher in each class that brings challenges, knowledge and enjoyment to my teaching environment. I feel that one of my strengths as a teacher is that I bring into the classroom a very practical, experiential background in nursing and management that allows me to teach technical aspects in understandable terms. I am also able to bring many practical examples and stories from my past experiences to demonstrate and give practical applications of the field of study we are discussing. 

I believe in a cooperative learning pedagogy where teachers guide students’ learning and stimulate them to think critically, analyze complex situations and problem solve. This can be accomplished by the use of individual or group work which focuses on case studies, discussion questions, role modeling, research article critiques, student presentations, etc. The teacher’s instruction is critical to the success of the group learning needs whether it is by lecture or dialogue. A teacher also needs to be creative in his/her teaching to assist the students to provide evidence-based nursing care and mastery of skills and principles both in the classroom and clinical settings. 

A teacher needs to be a good listener and be intuitive in order to know what the students comprehend of the material she/he is presenting and when the students may not be grasping or having difficulty understanding information. Validation of this understanding can be accomplished by the use of testing, skill demonstration, learning projects, student evaluation and dialoguing with the students. 

Learning is on a continuum that does not stop but is constantly changing and developing for both the teacher and students in the classroom and clinical settings. Technology is advancing, developing and changing in health care at a very rapid pace. As teachers and students we must be constantly open to these changes and developments in order to incorporate, change and learn within various and changing settings.  

I believe that students need critical thinking and leadership skills in order to grow and develop into our nurse leaders of tomorrow. They need to be encouraged to belong and participate in professional organizations and committees such as the student nurse organization, college and department committees, as well as college and local community service work. As teachers we should be role modeling and mentoring our students in the development of these activities within our classes, clinical settings, college and local communities by our participation in organizations, committees and projects we participate in. 

Clarke has challenged me to be an engage teacher and adult learner; to make my courses and clinical interesting, challenging and enjoyable. I think I help develop future nurses who are role models and our future nursing leaders for tomorrow. I think Clarke helps instill more than a college degree but many core values of critical thinking, writing, communicating and spirituality into their professional and personal lives.

I believe I am a strong role model and mentor to many students who want a career in nursing but I also have made and developed many strong friendships and mentors among past students and I am happy to share, shape and encourage my students in both their professional and personal lives and for many years past their days here at Clarke. 


Movie – Sleepless in Seattle

Book – Any Danielle Steele Book 

Quote – Never criticize anyone unless you have walked in their shoes

Class in college –Community Health Nursing Class

Place traveled – Ireland, Hawaii

Hobby – Watching Hallmark movies 



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