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Anna Kelley

Assistant Professor of English
Office: 101 MJH 
Mail Stop: 1569 
Phone: 8115 


Degrees earned: BA, Loras College; MFA, Minnesota State University

Professional experience: Prior to arriving at Clarke, I taught creative writing and composition courses at Minnesota State. I have also worked as a professional and freelance editor.

Teaching philosophy: My favorite moments in teaching are those in which the learning is reciprocal, when my students and I formulate new ideas together informed by the variety of perspectives within the classroom. I believe wholly in the power of language and encourage my students to master communication as a way to develop their critical minds.  

Clarke’s impact on Anna: As Walt Whitman said, “I am large; I contain multitudes.” At Clarke, I can be my many selves, in one profession. I grow as a teacher, a mentor, a leader, a creative thinker, a doer, an explorer, a maker, a team member, a performer and a friend. I look forward to my job every day, which is an opportunity not everyone has.

Anna impact on students: I try to model my love of learning for my students and to help them see how the learning they do in my courses is relevant to their lives. My hope is that my students see me as open, accessible and committed to their development.

Anna’s favorite: 

Movie – Out of Africa

Book – To Kill a Mockingbird

Quote – “The ability to think for one’s self depends upon one’s mastery of the language.” Joan Didion

Class in college – Age of Dinosaurs

Place traveled – Florence, Italy



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  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015