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Samira Towfic

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Office: 216 CBH 
Mail Stop: 1821 
Phone: 6416 

Samira Towfic, Ph.D. is an associate professor of computer science at Clarke University.  She obtained her Ph.D. in computer science from Reading University (Reading, England) and her master’s degree in applied mathematics from Baghdad University (Baghdad, Iraq). Her research interest is in the area of graph theory and mathematical modeling. She has published and reviewed numerous papers and taught in several national and international universities.  Three selected journal publications are:

Mining HIV dynamics using independent component analysis
Oxford Journals

Effect of spatial distribution of T-Cells and HIV load on HIV progression
Oxford Journals

Some results on Ramsey numbers using sumfree sets
Discrete Mathematics Journal

Samira is currently involved in an HIV Research analysis to analyze patient records available for the States of Iowa and Wisconsin.  She enjoys spending time with her family and students, as well as preparing Middle Eastern meals and traveling.

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