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Molly Kuhle

Assistant Professor of Nursing/Health
Office: 121 CBH 
Mail Stop: 1727 
Phone: 6441 

Degrees Held

BSN, MSN, Clarke University
MSN, Clarke University

Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado


My philosophy of teaching is based on my appreciation and dedication to life-long learning. I believe that I exemplify this dedication to life-long learning as I am currently still in school receiving my PhD.  Every class that I teach is aware that I am a student myself. I understand the time commitment and dedication that is required of students. I want students to enjoy the process of learning. We too many times focus on outcomes and objectives instead of the journey towards understanding.  Learning is a fun and rewarding process.

Some may call my way of teaching unconventional. I embrace that term so long as one understands the philosophy of my teaching. I feel that all students have something to contribute to class. I believe that learning occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. While tests, quizzes and papers are good indicators of student learning, they are not the only indicators.  Sharing a story and asking a question many times may tell me more about a student’s knowledge base than I could ever learn from a test. I am not afraid to tell students I do not know. We should not expect students to know all there is to know about a content area or idea. We should, however, encourage them to explore more deeply the concepts and ideas we wish for them to know.



Estimated 2011

Doctor of Philosophy Candidate
University of Northern Colorado
Master of Science in Nursing
Clarke University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Clarke University
Cultural Competency, Nursing Education
Transcultural Nursing
Community Health
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