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Molly Kuhle

Associate Professor of Nursing
Office: 121 CBH 
Mail Stop: 1727 
Phone: 6441 

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Education, University of Northern Colorado; Master of Science in Nursing, Clarke University; Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Clarke University.

My philosophy of teaching is based on my appreciation and dedication to life-long learning. Every class that I teach is aware that I am a student myself. I understand the time commitment and dedication that is required of students. I want students to enjoy the process of learning. We too many times focus on outcomes and objectives instead of the journey toward understanding. Learning is a fun and rewarding process.

Some may call my way of teaching unconventional. I embrace that term so long as one understands the philosophy of my teaching. I feel that all students have something to contribute to class. I believe that learning occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. While tests, quizzes and papers are good indicators of student learning, they are not the only indicators.  Sharing a story and asking a question many times may tell me more about a student’s knowledge base than I could ever learn from a test. I am not afraid to tell students I do not know. We should not expect students to know all there is to know about a content area or idea. We should, however, encourage them to explore more deeply the concepts and ideas we wish for them to know.

Clarke is where I found out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.  I was a transfer student here and have continued to grow and learn as both a student and faculty member.

A teacher, caregiver, listener, companion, leader and motivator.  


Movie – The Big Chill

Book – Hunger Games and The Purpose Driven Life

Quote – God never makes our challenges greater than the grace he gives us to handle them

Class in college – OB and Pediatrics (Family Health) & Logic class

Place traveled - South Africa & Ireland

Hobby – Baking

  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015