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George Towfic

Professor of Computer Science
Office: 217 CBH 
Mail Stop: 1792 
Phone: 6542 


Degrees earned: B.S. Mathematics; Ph.D. Computer Science

Professional experience: Developing and implementing computer models and decision support tools to identify significant patterns in colossal datasets (in particular medical datasets).  

Teaching philosophy: Making sure that students know the significance of every class material to the IT world and guiding students to implement what they learn in a “real-life” IT environment.

Clarke’s impact on George: Small classes provide perfect interaction with students and improve the class work environment

George’s impact on students: I strive to use practical examples and encourage students to work on projects that require current technology and are closely related to the need of local IT jobs.

George’s favorite: 

Movie – Father’s Little Dividend

Book – Catch 22

Quote – “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.”  lan Turing

Class in college – Statistics

Place traveled – Northern Cyprus

Hobby – Reading and programming

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