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Carol Manzel

Licensure Officer
Office: 110 MJH 
Mail Stop: 1733 
Phone: 6575 


Degrees earned: M.A. in Elementary Educational Administration; B.A. in Elementary Education.

Professional experience: Taught fourth through sixth grades in Illinois and Minnesota; member of the Education Dept. at Clarke for 23 years in various capacities.

Teaching philosophy: The philosophy of learning that I identify with most closely is the theory of constructivism. The learning process should be interdisciplinary in approach with assessment part of the process. Curriculum should to be based on prior knowledge with an emphasis on hands-on problem solving.  

Clarke’s impact on Carol: My experiences at Clarke have provided me with opportunities to interact with educators all over the tri-state area where we place our students as well as the faculty and staff here on campus.  

Carol’s impact on students: My primary objective each semester is to assist the student teachers in helping them to have successful experiences so that they are ready to begin teaching on their own at the time of graduation.

Carol’s favorite: 

Movie – Gone with the Wind

Book – The Prayer for Owen Meany

Quote – “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

Class in college – Choir

Place traveled – Prague

Hobby – Reading



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