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Lynne Niznik

Chair and Associate Professor of History/Political Science
Office: 117 MJH 
Mail Stop: 1723 
Phone: 6558 

Degrees Held

BS, Eastern Michigan University
MA, Ph.D, University of Notre Dame

Lynne's Teaching Philosophy:
I believe that a good teacher is one who challenges students to learn through analysis and critical thinking and encourages them to reach their own conclusions.  Good teachers teach students how to think, not what to think.

Lynne's Greatest Clarke Experience:
Being warmly welcomed by administrators, faculty and especially students as a member of the Clarke Community.

Clarke's Impact on Lynne:
My experiences at Clarke have helped me to grow as a human person and as a teacher. Clarke has also challenged me to to live my faith proudly and to be Christ to all I meet.

Lynne's Impact on Students:
I hope that I have impacted all of my students through my belief in their unique individual gifts and talents and in my support of their academic success at Clarke.

Why Lynne Chose Clarke:
I wanted an opportunity to be a member of the Clarke University faculty because of my admiration and respect for the philosophy of the BVM sisters and a desire to live the Clarke University mission.

Why students should choose Clarke:
Students should choose Clarke University if they want an excellent, supportive educational experience where they will be encouraged to seek and reach their highest goals.

Lynne's Extracurricular Activities:
Clarke athletics and fine arts

What Lynne Enjoys about Campus:
I love that the walk from my office to my classrooms always takes a very long time because everyone wants to stop and chat!

Lynne's Favorites:
Movie:  Out of Africa
Quotes: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" and "You miss every shot you don't take"

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