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Digital Media Studies Careers & Internships

Clarke University Communications Includes A Graphic Design Program

What is a digital media designer?

Digital media designers (multimedia or interaction designers) work in a variety of mediums. You will create storyboards and wireframes for user experiences and user interfaces. Multimedia designers create a range of full motion brand pages or social media ads to sell a company’s product or promote civic causes. You need skills in animation, website design, and video production that provide digital media designers a playground of interactive media. You will develop a portfolio of your best work. Examples include social media graphics, web pages, mobile device apps, and digital video content. Some industries that hire digital media designers are creative agencies, film and video productions, online businesses, web development, video gaming companies, and marketing agencies.

Career Outcomes, and Pre-professional Experiences

We strongly advocate for students to engage in summer internships locally and regionally to engage in integrative work environments that help facilitate individual growth. Student in this program are highly sought after with many opportunities to gain valuable experience before graduation.

Experiential Education and Internships

Digital Media Studies majors may take advantage of internship and experiential education opportunities through work experiences at local businesses and organizations. These experiences are intended to supplement classroom learning by allowing the application of design and computer systems skills and techniques. A student may earn credit beyond the departmental requirement and apply it toward graduation requirements. DMS majors must complete three credits of internship; credits and hours may vary (3 unique, 1 credits exp. –or– 1 unique 2 credit exp. + additional 1 credit exp. – 3 credit minimum)