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Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2022 Scholarly Presentations

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Jennifer Mai, Chair of Physical Therapy:

Alecia Thiele, Director of Clinical Education:

General Contact Info:

Presentations will be available through July 27 at 11:59 pm CST. Watch a presentation and complete the corresponding quiz for credit. Earn up to 2.66 contact hours of continuing education by watching all of the presentations (20 minutes each). Please note: Continuing education certificates will be emailed by August 17, 2022.

Thank you to all of the clinicians and alumni who help support our clinical education program, especially in these challenging times. COVID-19 created significant challenges for this year’s class, and we are proud of their perseverance. We appreciate you reaching out at any time with any additional clinical availability or opportunities.

Please click on the title of the presentation you wish to view.  Once you have finished, please take a moment to fill out the continuing education credit quiz for that presentation, located to the right of the presentation objective / description.

Presentation Title & Authors


C.E.C. Quiz

Long Term Effect of Concussions on Center of Pressure Displacement During Balance and Dual-Tasks

Ashley Adams, Lindsay Lannen, Kyle Pape, and Scott Pries
Participants will gain an understanding of how COP displacement differs among college-aged individuals when comparing balance and dual-task performance.

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Effects: Self-Mobilization Technique on Shoulder, Hip, & Thoracic Mobility During the Overhead Squat

Shelby Kline, Alyssa Iserman, Anne Nolting, and Breanna Judkins
Participants will be able to identify the benefits of thoracic spine self-mobilization using a foam roller.

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Effect of a heel lift on peak acceleration during 90% 1RM back squat in collegiate football players

Max Califf, Nick Peterson, and Kyle Wienen
To understand the biomechanical changes in weightlifting with the introduction of a heel wedge.

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The Comparison of Virtual Reality Balance Training to Standard Balance Training on Y-Balance Test Scores in Healthy, College-Aged Individuals

Aiden Philpot, Morgan Dunahoo, Mariah Kratz, and Rebecca Underwood
Participants will be able to explain how virtual reality balance training affects modified YBT scores.

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The Effect of Postural Correction Using Guided Moto Imagery on Sharpened Romberg Balance

Bridget Hunziker, Annalise Lyon, Matthew Rheingans, and Raquel Wolter
Participants will be able to explain how guided motor imagery can be used in a comprehensive plan of care.

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The Correlation of Ankle Range of Motion with Dynamic Balance in College-Aged Individuals Performing a Y-Balance Test

Brooke Brimeyer, Kasey Davis, and Alexis Fortmann
Participants will be able to identify the purpose of the Y-Balance test

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Effects of Lower Extremity PNF Diagonal Patterns on Hip Abductor Force Output, Single Leg Balance, and Frontal Plane Projection Angle

Bailey Diersen, Colin Connelly, Justin Droessler, and Mason Schnese
Participants will be able to recognize proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation diagonal 1 and diagonal 2 lower extremity pattern sequencing.

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Association Between Static and Dynamic Q-Angle of the Knee During a Lunge in College Individuals Aged 18-25 with a History of Knee Injury

Cole Fox, Cole Jacobs, Cody Ries, and Sydney Tigges
Understanding the importance of the Q-angle of the knee during functional activities.

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