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Welcome to Clarke University! Together, we will cultivate new ways of delivering the Clarke experience supporting each other and our community. We stand as One Clarke, One Community.

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MBA Details

You have options.

Earning an MBA demonstrates to employers that you are committed to being a business leader and professional. An MBA can also help you advance your position in your field, motivate a career change, or assist in developing a deeper understanding of the functional areas of business so you can better apply your knowledge, skills and abilities to create solutions for your company. Our program offers:

  • A solid foundation in management with a complement of electives to meet the needs of today’s business world.
  • A flexible format that is convenient to your work schedule.
  • Analytical real-world challenges as the foundation for action-based research.
  • Development of skills to sharpen your business and leadership capabilities and gain strategic confidence.

Three Customized Tracks

  1. Managerial Professional
    • The Managerial Professional track prepares students with broad-based management knowledge and skills which can be applied to a variety of roles in organizations. A focus on business analytics teaches students how to use data for planning, problem-solving and organizational effectiveness.
  2. Human Resources Professional
    • The Human Resources Professional track equips students with the problem-solving and communication skills they need to effectively lead a team to achieve organizational goals.
  3. Project Management Professional
    • The Project Management track is designed to provide students with practical and applied knowledge to manage projects effectively, while focusing on the skills needed to work with others to achieve maximum results.

5 Reasons to Invest in the Clarke University MBA

  1. Transferable practical leadership and management skills: Gain new skills and knowledge that will turbocharge your career. The hard and soft skills ranging from team management to strategic thinking are the skills you will need in your career, which cannot be taught from coursework alone but through a mixture of team assignments and relationships with classmates, professors and mentors. It’s likely that you will be managing different personalities, leaders and high achievers from a wide range of backgrounds and will be required to work together as part of a team to achieve a common goal and learn from each other during team assignments.
  2. Higher employment rates: Our MBA is a powerful tool that can increase job security with your current employer or within your current industry. Hiring business school graduates creates value for companies. A whopping 96 percent of responding employers agree.
  3. Think globally: Completing an MBA could be a chance for you to take a step back from your daily commitments and reflect on big business issues. Whether it’s through your coursework, lectures or discussions with classmates, you will be encouraged from all sides to think deeply about global business trends and issues.
  4. Give stellar presentations: One of the most significant benefits of our MBA is the impact it will have on your presentation and communication skills. This skill is ideal to help you learn to communicate ideas, values and goals coherently. Presenting projects, leading group presentations and taking part in discussions will give you opportunities to gain confidence, and you’ll receive valuable feedback from your peers.
  5. Networking opportunities: You’ll interact closely with talented individuals who enhance your experience by exposing you to different business practices, cultures and points of views as part of our program. The connections you make are, for many, the single most valuable aspect of the Clarke MBA, so make sure you capitalize on the opportunities in and out of the classroom. Our alumni network helps you stay connected to the university and community professionals.