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Student Testimonials

Erik Brolin, ’17

I was seeking a college that allowed me to pursue a graphic design major AND play baseball. Pretty specific needs. I found that at Clarke. I love the branding and typographic side of graphic design. And baseball? No brainer. It’s all about the game for me.

Amanda Raschke, MOL ’16

My Master of Organizational Leadership degree has taught be not only how to be a leader, but how to be a more caring and empathetic person. There is an emotional aspect to human involvement and that has truly impacted me.

Bryan Byerly, DPT ’18

Being part of Clarke’s very first lacrosse team has been the coolest experience. The guys are like my family now. Nothing will ever replace the thrill of winning that first game together.

Natascha Myers, ’17

The moment I stepped on campus, I just ‘knew.’ Clarke is home. My favorite Dubuque hangout? One Mean Bean. It’s the perfect place to study and the mochas are amazing!

Kyle Collins, ’16

Get involved in anything and everything! During your freshman year, learn which clubs or intramurals interest you. College is the best time to meet new people and diversify yourself.

Alex Kurauskas, ’16

Joining a club on campus was the best choice I could have made. I met so many energetic people and made numerous connections through my involvement. Plus, the fun we had!

Kyle Majerus, ’18

The academics at Clarke are unparalleled and the teachers are dedicated to helping you. Also, hallway mini golf is a fantastic study break that brings your whole floor together.

Allison Smith, ’16

When striving to achieve your life goals, there is no better motivation than to have people who believe in you and who truly care about every aspect of your life. Clarke gives you that.