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Clarke to Host Virtual Streamlines Conference November 14

By Clarke News  |  October 22, 2020

The 13th annual Streamlines Conference will be hosted virtually on Saturday, November 14. The conference celebrates language, literature, and writing and is an opportunity for undergraduate students at colleges and universities to share scholarship and creativity. Streamlines is a collaborative effort between Clarke University and the University of Dubuque. The conference is open to all interested college students (regardless of major) and faculty. Ann Pelelo, Clarke University Professor of English and Chair of Society, Culture and Discourse department, will deliver the conference keynote address.

“The decades that I have lived in the world of academia–decades that have straddled two centuries–were irrevocably impacted by my experiences (tragic, sad, funny and otherwise) as an undergraduate at a small, liberal arts college in Iowa,” said Pelelo. “I hope to share just a few of my lessons learned with the attendees of Streamlines on November 14.”

Conference registration is required. Presenters and non-presenters must register by Saturday, Oct. 31. The event is free and will be held via Microsoft Teams. Registrations will not be accepted after Saturday, Oct. 31. Registration and event information can be found here.

“Streamlines is unique because there isn’t another platform for students in this area to present essays and creative work at a professional conference,” noted Clarke student Emily Boge. “Not only do I enjoy reading my work to other students, but I also appreciate the conversation and connections I make on the day of the event.”