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Clarkes Welcomes New Community and Business Liaison

By Clarke News  |  February 10, 2022

Clarke University is proud to announce Mariann Kurtz Weber as our new Business and Community Liaison. Kurtz Weber has worked with the University previously as a leadership coach and strategic advising consultant and has helped develop and teach online micro courses for the CareerPLUS program.  

“We are thrilled to bring Mariann on board as the new Business and Community Liaison here at Clarke University,” said Eden Wales-Freeman, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty. “Thanks to her wealth of experience and creative vision, Mariann will serve as a catalyst and connection not only for our CareerPLUS offerings but for new opportunities for our students, academic programs, alumni relations, and more.” 

Prior to this role, Kurtz Weber spent over 20 years as an advisor and manager with the International Finance Corporation. Their mission was twofold: to alleviate extreme poverty and broaden access to economic growth and prosperity. That mission still resonates with her work at Clarke University and throughout the tri-state region. 

“It’s no secret that the pandemic has hit local economies hard, including businesses of all sizes. Our workforce has shrunk, and unemployment is low. Retention is key, and organizations that can offer professional development stand out,” Kurtz Weber said. “It’s my job to show employers and individuals that Clarke has affordable, accessible resources that can help them do that. Maybe it starts with some CareerPLUS courses and getting some of your employees into our Bachelor of Applied Studies program, or maybe you are seeking interns that can grow into a dedicated workforce. Clarke has many opportunities to offer, and I’m striving to create those connections.” 

Kurtz Weber’s efforts work in concert with other Clarke University groups, like CareerPLUS and the Career Services Center, whose programming focuses on marketable skills, honed in the liberal arts, and professional development with dedicated support from success coaches, faculty, and facilitators. She shared some of her vision for the future of Clarke and the Dubuque region in the recent article, Clarke Brings 21st Century Power Skills to Adult Learners.  External partners, like Northeast Iowa Community College and the City of Dubuque are also critical pathways to new opportunities. She hopes to expand these partnerships to include more companies, non-profits, and other groups in the months to come. 

“For me, it comes back to the idea of ‘One Clarke, One Community,’” Kurtz Weber said. “It’s about recognizing what our community needs, understanding our role in that, and then tailoring our services to best suit them. We can take existing courses and change the timeline or develop something unique to your group. Clarke is here to be your partner in professional development, not just a provider.” 

To learn more about the possibilities Clarke provides, you can contact Kurtz Weber at or by phone at 563.588.6416. More information on Clarke’s CareerPLUS offerings is also available at