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IBM to Bring 1,300 Jobs to Dubuque

By Clarke News  |  May 17, 2012

IBM announced today, Thursday, Jan. 15, that it will open a new technology service delivery center in Dubuque, Iowa, creating up to 1,300 jobs and providing high-value information technology services to IBM customers.

The technical service delivery center in Dubuque will primarily support IBM’s U.S. strategic outsourcing clients, providing server systems operations, security services and end-user services, including maintenance and monitoring of computer hardware and software systems. 

IBM intends to employ several hundred people in the new facility by the end of this year and up to 1,300 by the end of 2010. IBM will work with institutions of higher learning in the tri-state area of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin for recruitment and training of potential employees. In addition, IBM will look for opportunities to partner with these schools to enhance their curricula to better prepare students for opportunities in the IT industry, including the types of roles found at IBM.

“From an educational perspective, we look forward to the new internship opportunities and exposure to the most cutting-edge technologies that our students will surely benefit from,” said Clarke President Joanne M. Burrows, SC, Ph.D. “In return, we have much to share with IBM. Mary Kenneth Keller, BVM, co-developer of the BASIC computer language, was a pioneer in the computing field when she founded the computer science department at Clarke – one of the oldest in the nation. In that same spirit of innovation, and combined with our forward-thinking adult and graduate degree programs, Clarke University is dedicated to preparing graduates ready to meet the demands of an ever-changing workplace.”

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