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Renovation of CBH Continues

By Clarke News  |  July 22, 2013

As work continues on the Center for Science Inquiry, the renovation of Catherine Byrne Hall is also in full swing. CBH is Clarke University’s main classroom building, which also houses several faculty offices.“The renovations of the second floor of CBH are progressing nicely,” Brian Schultes, director of facilities management, reports.  “All demolition work has been completed. The plasterers have begun their numerous repairs while the electricians continue to install the cabling for data and run new electrical for receptacles. The floor tile has been removed from 227 and 208 and the removal crew will proceed to 207 and 230 next.”Room 207 will be used for an athletics training lab and Rooms 208, 227 and 230 will be used for physical therapy classrooms.The facilities department is currently packing items stored by the nursing and physical therapy departments so they can move to their new locations. Room 132 has been converted into an office for an additional nursing faculty member.Meanwhile, the chemistry and biology faculty offices were packed by Hawkeye Movers on Friday and they will move the contents to a vacated lab on the third floor, Schultes said.  Facilities and housekeeping staff will clean, repair and paint the vacated offices so that psychology and sociology faculty can be moved to them in early June.The Center for Science Inquiry will open in August.For more information, contact the Clarke University Marketing and Communication Office at (563)588-6318.