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Student Leadership Project Supports Emergency Relief Fund

By Clarke News  |  May 8, 2022

Each year, Business and Management Instructor B’Ann Dittmar challenges the students in her leadership course to use the skills they’ve developed over the semester to help a nonprofit organization in the Dubuque area. This year, one group of students decided to focus on helping one another. 

As their final project, Emma Kane, Aiden Hoagland, Marco de Rosa, Erik Schmidt, and Said Sharif partnered with the Clarke Institutional Advancement Office to raise money for the Student Emergency Relief Fund. This fund provides small grants to students to help alleviate financial burdens in times of need, such as unexpected healthcare, housing, or other expenses.  

Through on-campus fundraising and outreach, the group raised $1,170 for the fund. 

“Throughout our leadership class, we learned a whole lot in terms of being a leader, fundraising, and keeping people engaged,” said Accounting major Marco de Rosa ’25. “Personally, I will take these lessons about receiving feedback and being a good team member into my life as a whole.” 

In a survey conducted by the Student Life Office, nearly 40% of students reported experiencing food insecurity and over 10% had faced housing insecurity while in college. In the 2020-2021 school year, Clarke distributed 17 micro-grants from the Student Emergency Relief Fund to address issues contributing to these concerns, as well as sponsoring other initiatives like CU Linked and the “CUpboard” mini food pantries on campus.  

As the University continues to explore new and unique ways to assist students, philanthropic gifts from our alumni and friends will remain a critical source of support. If you’d like to make a gift to support Student Emergency Relief Fund and other initiatives, please contact