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‘Vogts don’t quit’

By Clarke News  |  October 25, 2021

Kasha Vogt ’23 grew up in the small town of Cassville, Wisconsin. Working in her family’s restaurant, The Town Pump, she learned a lot about hometown pride. Her parents seemed to know everyone and supported their friends and neighbors however they could. As she considered college, she wanted a school with that same sense of community. Thanks to a family friend, she discovered Clarke University and the home she’d been looking for.  

“My family is really important to me and Clarke is perfect for me because they are close, but not too close,” Vogt said.  “I feel like I’ve been able to get to know everybody and feel really at home on campus. I can go to a game or go to an event on campus, and I will find friends there.”  

That doesn’t mean that college has always been easy for Vogt, though. As a Psychology major with a Biology minor, some of her math and science courses have proved challenging. She is also learning to become more independent. If she ever starts feeling worried or anxious, Vogt looks to some advice she received from her dad during her orientation at Clarke for guidance.   

During CONNECT, your parents write little notes and mail them to you later in the semester. My dad wrote, ‘Vogts don’t quit, love Dad.’ I still have that note and I think about it when times get tough.” Vogt said. “I am really close with my family, and now that I’m at Clarke I know my professors and my friends care about me too. Even when things feel overwhelming, I know they will be there for me. They always have my back, and I have theirs.  

One area where Vogt has pushed herself is in her communications. Voted “Most Shy” in high school, she knew that to pursue her goal of working in healthcare she’d need to become a lot more comfortable talking to strangers. By attending Clarke Activities Board events, cheering on Clarke Pride Athletics, and joining organizations like the Clarke Inclusive Games, Spanish Club, and Psychology Club, she has put herself out there in a way she never thought possible. 

“I’ve come a long way since then,” Vogt said. “I want to go into occupational therapy one day, so working with the Clarke Inclusive Games has been especially valuable. It’s helped me be more comfortable working with people of different abilities and broadened my spectrum of experience.” 

“That’s one piece of advice I would give to new students – try something different,” Vogt said. “You don’t have to travel the world, but you can branch out and try something new. Make as many connections as you possibly can because it is only going to help you be better.”