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Tim Boffeli

Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: 221 CBH 
Mail Stop: 1714 
Phone: 6442 


Degrees earned: Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Capella University, Minneapolis, Specialization in Educational Psychology, Harold Abel School of Psychology; Master of Arts in Applied Psychology, Loras College, Dubuque, Emphasis in Clinical and Counseling; Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology, Loras College, Dubuque.

Professional experience: After completing his master’s degree, Tim taught several psychology courses at a local community college for five years. He then moved on to be an adjunct faculty member at Clarke University for the next 10 years. In fall 2003, Tim joined the university full-time as an assistant professor and chair of the psychology Department. In fall 2010, he received tenure and was promoted to associate professor of psychology. Prior to full-time employment at Clarke, Tim worked for 20 years at the Gannon Center for Community Mental Health. In his early clinical career, Tim worked individually and with groups in a community support setting mainly focused on psycho-social activities and community living skills. In his Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) role, he worked extensively with a wide range of individuals who experienced short term and persistent forms of mental illness. Typically he worked with individuals who had specialty treatment needs. In his role as a LMHC, he performed intake/diagnostic assessments, individual and couples counseling, crisis and emergency intervention in the office and in the field, psychological/functional ability evaluations, Social Security disability evaluations, psycho-educational programs for individuals with persistent mental illness, and community consultation and educational presentations.

Teaching philosophy: I firmly believe and understand that Clarke University and psychology are wonderful boats that carry students and me toward potentialities. When I am in this boat, I want to infect every traveler with the notion that within them lay greatness. That on this journey, the metamorphoses of greatness will inevitably unfold by a process of self-examination, self-enhancement and personal decision making. As all important journeys wear on, a solidification of the self-based on taking more responsibility for living freely and embracing our Christian heritage of loving self while loving others will become more manifest. This is the fruition of the journey. At this point in my own evolution, my role on the boat would in part appear to be a guide or rudder to keep the boat's occupants in the middle of the journey so that they do not beach themselves and allow stagnation to set in. As this journey is not an easy journey, stagnated travelers must occasionally be asked to discard and shed dead weight to lighten their load so that their keel may move off the shifting unstable shore or muddy murky bottom of life. Promoting the ability to shed growth-inhibiting burdens would be consistent with piloting the boat by being on the bow to peer ahead, traversing to the bridge to guide and teach necessary life and self-skills, and then moving to the stern to congratulate the traveler for letting it go as we see it drifting away with the hope of a less troubled, joyful future. When the life lessons are learned and the burden is lighter, then self can live more freely. I enjoy being there in that magic moment of time when life makes more sense. This sense is what teaching and learning is all about and will last for more than my lifetime. Life beyond is what this journey is all about.

Clarke’s impact on Tim: When I was 19 years old, my goal was to have a doctoral degree by age 29. At age 29, I thought that the degree would never happen because of life circumstances. At age 46 after working full time for Clarke, I achieved my adolescent goal. I have never introduced myself as Dr. Boffeli. I probably never will. Clarke culture supports my preference for interpersonal relationships i.e. “Hi. My name is Tim.”

Tim’s impact on students: I think my impact on students could be summed up in two student quotes:

"I was so proud of the fact that I knew more about understanding people than many of my classmates." Psychology major in Graduate School

"I went four years to Loras College and my best class was at Clarke." Loras College student

What is your favorite:

Movie – A Clockwork Orange

Book – Vital Lies, Simple Truths: The Psychology of Self-Deception

Quote – “The Lord God has given me a well-trained tongue, that I might know how to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them.” Isaiah 50:4

Class in college – I really liked Speech because of the demonstration aspects. This course was the start of my active and engaging teaching style.

Place traveled – I found traveling to hell in my own mind to be interesting, but Italy was more fun.

  Hobby – My alter ego is really a construction worker and farmer. My extended family has a hobby farm near Sherrill, Iowa. We spend a lot of time being stewards of the land. I am frequently involved in “handyman” projects for self, family and friends. During the winter, I sew. I mostly modify clothing to enhance their utility but I also create clothing for certain work situations.
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