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Professional Development Opportunities

Employees’ jobs are changing even if they are not changing jobs.
Some startling facts:

  • More than 1 billion jobs or 1/3 of the jobs worldwide will be transformed by technology by 2030 (OECD) 
  • 76% of Gen Z learners believe that learning is the key to a successful career and 69% are willing to invest the time and resource to learn a new skill (LinkedIn) 
  • Upskilling combined with internal mobility extends the average employee tenure from 2.9 years to nearly double, 5.4 years (LinkedIn) 

Clarke’s CareerPLUS has pathways to meet the demand!

Micro courses: Choose from over 20 professional development micro course options that can be completed online and at your own pace. Each online, expert-led micro course features interactive content (videos, articles, mini-lectures, virtual discussions with peers and the facilitator, etc.) and is self-paced over 8 weeks with an average time commitment of approximately 1-2 hours per week. The micro courses are led by local experts who provide personalized feedback and lessons you can apply in your day-to-day life. You can take a micro courses as stand-alone courses, stack three micro courses to earn a digital badge, and/or count digital badges toward an online degree from Clarke University.

Trending micro courses include:  

What makes CareerPLUS micro courses unique? 

  • The Personal Touch. CareerPLUS micro courses are led by local expert facilitators who engage with you (virtually) throughout the course and provide you with detailed personalized feedback, advice, and resources. The facilitator serves as a mentor who is there to guide you in applying the course concepts to your life and work and to help you learn from and network with other course participants. Our micro course facilitators include local business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, and Clarke University faculty and staff.
  • Flexible Pathway Options Tailored to You. You can take a micro courses as stand-alone courses, stack three micro courses to earn a digital badge, and/or count digital badges toward an online degree from Clarke University.
  • Learning that’s Relevant and Applicable to the Workplace. Throughout the micro course, you will respond to discussion prompts to apply your learning to your personal or professional life and to demonstrate the competencies you have gained throughout the course. The discussion prompts in some micro courses are structured in such a way that you will have the opportunity to solve issues that you are facing at work, create a product that will help you be more efficient or effective in the workplace, and/or analyze data that can inform your work. The facilitator will respond to all of your discussion prompts and you will have the opportunity to view the responses of other course participants, as well. 
  • Earn a digital badge (3 micro courses) in Power Skill areas including:  

A CareerPLUS badge, composed of three CareerPLUS micro courses, is a digital credential that proves and visually displays your learning in a way that is easily shared and verified online. Badges may be taken as standalone badges or counted as credit toward Clarke’s online Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) degree.

  • Learning Sprints:  Focus your learning in 90 minutes. Online and on-demand.  Great for teams, especially when supplemented with a live facilitation session to help participants put their learning into practice in their day-to-day jobs.  
  • Customized Training:  We can provide private, on- site, or virtual Professional Development opportunities for your teams. These are scaled to fit your schedule, e.g. hour-long engagements. Demonstrate to your staff that you hear them and are willing to invest in content that addresses their most pressing needs. 
  • Clarke’s Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Studies (BAS) is designed for working professionals and allows those with some college credit to complete their degree on their timeline. Online and affordable, students take just one class every 7-8 weeks, meaning it can easily fit into existing schedules.