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Welcome back to Clarke University! Together, we will cultivate new ways of delivering the Clarke experience — supporting each other and our community. We stand as One Clarke, One Community.

Fall 2020 Return to Campus Information
COVID-19 Communication

A PLUS for professionals. A PLUS for employers. A PLUS for the workforce.

Clarke University recognizes that professionals and employers have unique circumstances, needs, and backgrounds. The CareerPLUS program is designed to meet the professional development needs of both individuals and employers. CareerPLUS offers non-credit-bearing micro courses and digital badges which focus on 21st century workforce skills. The CareerPLUS program also offers a flexible, affordable pathway toward an online degree from Clarke University, if desired.

Do you need new skills and/or a degree to:
Advance Your Career?
Meet Your Current and Future Career Goals?
Land your dream job?
Get back into the workforce?

Do you need to:
Upskill your employees?
Provide meaningful professional development?
Enhance workplace motivation and productivity?

Conflict Management
Data Visualization: Telling Your Story with Data
Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit
Influence & Persuasion in the Workplace

Data Visualization: Making Sense of All the Data
Inclusive Workplace Strategies
Mastering Presentations & Public Speaking
The Enneagram: A Life-Changing Tool


FREE CareerPLUS webinar– Tuesday, September 22 at 12 p.m. CST

Let us help you pursue your future with CareerPLUS.


Self-paced, asynchronous
Led by local experts
Responsive to employer feedback
Stackable credentials with a degree pathway

Micro Courses Start on the 1st of Every Month!

Micro Course Themes

21st Century Workforce Skills
CareerPLUS micro courses are designed to provide professional development to working professionals in the following 21st-century essential workforce skill areas listed below.
Micro Course Options

CareerPLUS Micro Course Details

CareerPLUS uniquely offers:

  • 15 hours of self-paced online learning within a four-week period
  • Online discussions, facilitator feedback, and additional opportunities to apply skills learned
  • Learning unit quizzes auto-graded for immediate feedback
  • Optional conference call in week four with local facilitator


CareerPLUS is Flexible, Interactive, and Relevant!

CareerPLUS unique features

What makes the CareerPLUS program unique?

CareerPLUS details:

  • Focused on the Future: Relevant, affordable, “bite-sized” professional development focused on 21st century essential workforce, employer-valued, skills
  • Social Impact: Individual professionals, employers, and the local workforce come away equipped with the skills they need to thrive now and in the future
  • Flexible Pathway Options Tailored to You: Credit-bearing and non-credit bearing pathways that allow professionals to determine whether they want to work toward academic credentials or learn without the pursuit of a badge or degree
  • Applied Learning: Outstanding interactive learner experience that allows working professionals to use their workplace or personal life as their lab for enriched learning
  • Competitive Pricing Structure: Affordable individual micro course rates and/or package rates for both professionals and employers

Pathway Options

Whether you are an employer or an employee, the CareerPLUS program offers you the opportunity to “design your own path.” 

Just need to brush up on a specific skill?
Take one micro course, or three, and don’t worry about completing a badge or degree program.

Want to work your way through a badge or degree program?
Stack your micro courses toward a designated badge, or easily convert your micro courses to credit through a process of “Prior Learning Assessment” (PLA).

The CareerPLUS program micro courses equip learners with 21st century professional skills, offer a pathway to a degree through stackable credentials (if desired), and opportunities for upskilling, career advancement, and/or career pivoting.

CareerPLUS path
B'Ann Dittmar

Featured Micro Course Facilitator

B’Ann Dittmar | Leadership & Conflict Management

B’Ann Dittmar, who has developed and currently facilitates a CareerPLUS micro course on Conflict Management, worked for U.S. Bank and its predecessors for 17 years. Prior to leaving banking to pursue a career in academia, B’Ann served as the President of the Dubuque and Galena markets for 9 years. While at the bank she taught as an adjunct instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and at Columbia College, where she discovered her passion for teaching.


B’Ann now has the privilege to work in her second “dream job” at Clarke University. She is a faculty member in the Business department and teaches management and leadership courses to graduate and undergraduate students.  She has been with Clarke since 2011 and loves working with students to help them learn, develop, and be successful.  B’Ann earned her Master of Business Administration from the University of Dubuque and has taken coursework toward completing her Ed.D. in Leadership from the American College of Education.

of nearly 900 surveyed executives said soft skills were equally important or more important than technical skills.

The Wall Street Journal
Critical thinking, collaboration, and professionalism are the competencies most sought by employers.

NACE Job Outlook 2020
of surveyed employers rate soft skills as being of equal importance to cognitive skills.



Contact CareerPLUS
(563) 588-6595