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Keller Computer Center Receives Alliant Energy Incentive Check for Data Center Efficiency Project

By Clarke News  |  August 3, 2017

Clarke University’s Keller Computer Center collaborated with Alliant Energy and the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque’s, Grants to Green initiative to fund a data center energy efficiency and repurposing project.

Alliant Energy was brought in to perform a Data Center Energy Assessment. They determined that the data center – which was energy inefficient and oversized – cost the University over $8,000 per year in excess power consumption and had a 15-year-old backup power system that would cost an estimated $20,000 to replace.

As a result, the cooling and battery backup systems were replaced with smaller and more efficient systems, and the data center was contained into a downsized area, which will reduce excess energy usage. Further, the University was able to turn the remaining space into a technology-based conference and training center.

The University’s reduced power usage resulted in an Alliant incentive check of $12,384, which equals 1 ½ years of anticipated annual savings. The check was presented to Andy Bellings, Chief Technology Officer, and Sister Joanne Burrows, President of the University, as an incentive to undertake  the project.

When Mackenzie Fischer of Alliant Energy presented the check, Bellings said, “Thank you, Mackenzie, Alliant Energy, Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque/G2G, and Sister Joanne. I would also like to thank Daisy Halverson for her support of this project, along with Steve Kirschbaum and his Facilities department for all their efforts in the planning and finishing touches of this project.”