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Resume Writing and Portfolios

A resume is a summary of why you’re awesome. Conflicting advice when penning your own often makes what should be easy (you are awesome, right?) an exercise in frustration. Before you grab for the hot glue gun and glitter, schedule an appointment with us for some level-headed advice.

During your sit-down we will sift through your skills and pass along ideas for layout and formatting. The trusty sidekick to the resume, the cover letter, is also an area of our expertise. With draft in hand, book a visit with a career services professional for a no-nonsense review.

With a little tinkering, you’ll have a bulletproof resume in no time. No glitter necessary.

General Resume
Functional Resume for Experienced Job Seekers 

Why You Should Have a Portfolio

If a resume is the Cliffs Notes of your awesomeness, a portfolio is the unabridged legend of how you came to be so dang cool. It demonstrates your experience through real world examples and offers the interviewer a sense of how you operate in the workplace.

An easy-to-follow format helps deliver the message quickly, and a clean presentation shows you mean business. For advice on what’s working and what isn’t, please schedule an appointment.

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