History Major

history employmentAt Clarke, history and political science courses provide learning experiences that involve critical thinking and personal decision making. For example:
  • You are a Puritan colonist in Massachusetts Bay in the 17th century. Can you prove you are not a witch?
  • You are participating in the French Revolution. Do you want to kill the king?
  • You are a Hippie in the US in the 1960’s. Are you a feminist?
You and a team of classmates might also create a project to analyze the effects of outsourcing by investigating labor conditions in countries where your own clothes 
were made.

You may retell the story of the US Civil War through the letters of a Confederate Soldier; or the story of factory work through the diaries of a female airplane mechanic during WWII; or maybe the story of escaping from a Soviet prison by analyzing a documentary movie secretly made in the 1960s. 
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