Language and literature programs are at the heart of the humanities at Clarke University. The study of literature, culture, language, and writing enables students to grow by encouraging their intellectual, global, imaginative, and emotional development.

The Spanish program within the language and literature department offers a major and minor in Spanish language, literature, and culture leading to a bachelor of arts degree. In addition, offerings include a sequential program of basic language instruction in Spanish.  Language courses lead to basic proficiency in speaking, understanding, reading and writing.  Literature and culture courses assist students in understanding the meaning of Hispanic life, and its history, politics, social life and art.  Study abroad provides direct contact with these cultures. Communication skills in Spanish are key to these intercultural contacts; therefore, all courses are conducted in Spanish.  Students are encouraged to extend their campus experience through foreign study for one or two semesters or by participating in summer tours to Ecuador and other places around the globe.

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