The mathematics department enables math majors to:

  • acquire a thorough understanding of the concepts, structure, and style of mathematics; this includes the ability to use symbolic representation in a variety of ways;
  • analyze quantitative situations using algebraic, graphical, statistical, geometrical, and algorithmic techniques, as well as methods of differentiation and integration;
  • use an axiomatic approach to the underlying structures of mathematical systems by observing patterns, stating conjectures, testing conjectures by experimentation, and validating conjectures by using rules of logic.
  • relate the development and uses of mathematics to human culture and history.
  • The department enables both mathematics majors and those in math-related fields to use the methods of advanced algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics in posing and solving problems.

The department also prepares education majors to apply the principles and practices of sound mathematics teaching.

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  • Commencement 2015