Master of Arts in Education

If it's time to think about advancing your career as a professional educator, then it's time to consider the Clarke University Master of Arts degree in Education (MAE). With Clarke's program, you’ll work with other career educators who want to become school leaders. Clarke's graduate education courses are designed to build upon your experience, knowledge, skills and teaching strategies. Moreover, they are based upon new research as well as time-tested teaching and learning principles. The lessons you will learn at Clarke will last you – and your students – a lifetime.

Clarke offers a solid foundation of integrated theory and practice that complements your experience in the classroom. If you hold licensure in elementary or secondary education, our curriculum will help you enhance your knowledge, skills, values and confidence as a professional educator.

The MAE with an instructional leadership emphasis is designed for teachers who are educational leaders, but do not seek an administrative endorsement. This program integrates knowledge and skills necessary for teachers in today’s world.

The MAE in Instructional Leadership is available in three unique formats to meet the needs of different teacher leaders:  Online, The Archdiocesan Partnership Program and the 4+1 Program.

Undergraduate students may begin taking courses toward an MAE from Clarke University through early access coursework, earning as much as 12 credits toward their advanced degree. 

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