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Melissa DeMotta

Associate Professor of Biology
Office: 146 F CSI 
Mail Stop: 1741 
Phone: 6376 

Degrees earned: Ph.D.

Professional experience: Research assistant professor, Saint Louis University, 2007-08; Postdoctoral Fellow, Saint Louis University, 2006-07; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Arizona, 2003-06.

Teaching philosophy:I try to get the students to interact during class and to process what they are learning. Science is not a passive subject. Science is about exploration and discovery and the most successful scientists are those who use their knowledge to question the status quo and offer other possible explanations. These alternative explanations come from performing experiments, analyzing the results of these experiments and offering alternative explanations based on these experiments.

Clarke’s impact on Melissa: Clarke is truly a wonderful institution where everyone does care about each other. I think this has made me want to be my best — as a professor and as a person. 

Melissa’s impact on students: I hope that students learn to appreciate the world around them and the wonder of their own bodies so that they realize science is not scary but fantastic and wonderful. Science is fun and happening in the world around us all the time. 

Melissa’s favorite:

Movie Breakfast Club

Book Anne of Green Gables

QuoteI don’t have one. There are many great quotes but none that is my favorite.

Class in college Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy because I loved the professor. He was a former marine who pushed us to be our best.

Place traveled Berlin, Germany

Hobby Reading, Dancing, Sewing

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  • Transfer Fall 2015