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Jason Stecklein

Assistant Professor of Physics
Office: 230 C CBH 
Mail Stop: 1789 
Phone: 8177 


 Degrees earned: Ph.D., University of Iowa, Science Education

Professional experience: 15th year at Clarke. Jason teaches introduction to physics, astronomy and earth science classes. He is the former chairman of the Dubuque County Democrats.

Teaching philosophy: “Learning is the public and private negotiation of understanding.” 

Clarke’s impact on Jason: My experience at Clarke has been tremendous. I simply love being around all of the wonderful people here, most especially our students. I learn so much from them. In fact, I consider the amount of growth in my understanding here to be proportional to the amount of time I have spent with my students! The more, the better.

Jason’s impact on students: I believe I push for each student to develop and think deeply about their knowledge in science and not simply give “understanding” to them. We do lots of talking, arguing, laughing and negotiating our understandings, together as a class group. It is more fun that way! 

Jason’s favorite:

Movie – Apocalypse Now

Book – The Information by James Gleick

Quote – “Love conquers all. Let us too surrender to love.”  Roman

Class in college – Logic… love the “if..,thens”

Place traveled – Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, London

Hobby – Reading New York Times, Running/Lifting weights

  • Support Clarke - Spring
  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015