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Eric Wold

Assistant Professor, Graphic Design
Office: 302 EKH 
Mail Stop: 1721 
Phone: 6367 


Degrees earned: BFA Visual Communications, University of Arizona; MA Graphics, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MFA Graphics, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Professional experience: Over the past 15 years, Eric has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, animator, community college instructor, university professor and business owner. Each of these experiences has garnered new skills and insights into diverse design organizations, agencies, industries, and practices. Eric is equally adept creating fresh brand experiences and marketing materials, as he is developing illustrative paintings and futuristic hyper-stylized environmental museum exhibitions.

Oakley, Intel, Girl Scouts of North America, Fox, PBS, Smith Optics, Discount Tire, Elixer Coffee, Jewish Community Foundation of Phoenix, Eller Media, Matter Creative, Iowa Rural Health Association, National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium.

Teaching philosophy: My multi-disciplinary experiences, both professionally and academically, give me a unique perspective in which to direct and inform student work. Presenting students with a variety of sources from art history, visual culture, arts and sciences, and technology provides a contextual framework to build upon and allows me the opportunity to make divergent connections across disciplines and subject matter. My classes explore a variety of working methodologies and systems intent to cultivate each students’ unique voice. Projects focus on solving problems through an assessable and constructive research and ideation process that focuses on a generative, active design model that encourages innovative thinking through making. I believe that teaching graphic designs as a process-oriented activity helps students to develop life-long skills of thinking and tinkering; to establish habits that become practice; and to develop a process that maintains creative curiosity across disciplines and technologies.

Today’s designer is a cross disciplinarian, collaborator, instructor, author, and entrepreneur. I strive to foster a personal voice within each design student that can thrive and flourish in professional practice. Designers/artists are more than digital pixel pushers, they contribute to the shape, and form of our visual culture; they are the future innovators of our world.

Artist statement: For the first time in Earth’s history, humans have become the predominant geophysical force. As a direct consequence of our industrial conquest throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, mankind has transformed the world into something more akin to fantasy. While scientists, designers, and makers sell, augment, shape, and contaminate nature in ways both visible and invisible; it has given rise to a variety of genetically modified organisms that litter our landscape and pollute our food system. My work attempts to make visible the invisible existence of genetically modified organisms, toxic expellant and other global, environmental, pollutants that dominate our daily lives.

Clarke’s impact on Eric: Clarke provides me with a spiritual platform to posit graphic design as a vehicle of social change. It is important for me to speak openly about the ethical and moral challenges that surround the industry of design, the impact of our contribution to visual culture as designers, and the invisible act of persuasion that defines the objects of visual communication in our daily lives. I have also the great pleasure of working with various faculty and staff in converged efforts across departments and disciplines – making for lively student interactions and community grow on campus.

Eric’s impact on students: I believe that students from the graphic design area are competitively capable, and professionally ready post-graduation. My goal is to encourage and model a rigorous work ethic that will continue to serve them well throughout their lives – in any capacity. 

Eric’s favorite:

Movie – Star Wars. Episode V

Book – The Sun Also Rises. Ernest Hemmingway

Quote – “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln

Class in college – Mythology, Dr. Solomon

Places traveled – Throughout the United States: California – New York.  Across the pond: France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Other places: Africa, Tahiti, Mexico, and Canada (Vancouver B.C.)

Activity and hobby – Avid mountain bike rider. Illustration, painting, textile design and embroidery. I secretly desire to own an entire aisle of embroidery thread.

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  • Arts at Clarke 2016
  • Transfer Fall 2015