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Lisa Rettenmeier

Instructor of Nursing/Health
Office: 120B CBH 
Mail Stop: 1727 
Phone: 8123 


My philosophy for nursing continues to evolve as I continue to teach and to learn.  I believe that building strong leaders will help advance the future of the nursing profession.  I think of leaders in nursing education as being positive role models that have the ability to create a shared vision that promotes growth in professional practice. A good leader should be able to lead others by sharing a vision, including others in the collaborative process of the shared vision, building a sense of trust, and foster changes that facilitate positive student outcomes and increase overall student achievement.

It is imperative that we utilize strong leadership characteristics, as nurses, to care for individuals who cannot care for themselves.  It is vital that I teach the students that nursing is not just about skills.  Nursing is about caring for whole person, the body, mind, and spirit.  Nurse leaders are driven intrinsically by “the virtues of serving, caring, respecting, empowering, and helping without asking for anything in return” (Sergiovanni, 2005, p. 74).  This statement exemplifies the virtues on which the nursing profession is founded and continues to shape my teaching expertise and professional practice.


November 2011

Doctor of Education Candidate 
Specialization in Administrator Leadership for Teaching and Learning
Walden University 
Master’s Degree in Nursing Education
Clarke University
Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing
Mount Mercy University
Title: The Influences of Mentoring and Leadership Practices on Nursing Faculty Retention: A Correlational Study
Research, Nursing Theories, Community Health Nursing, and Medical/Surgical
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