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Ann Pelelo

Professor of English
Office: 103 MJH 
Mail Stop: 1811 
Phone: 6434 


Degrees earned: BA in English and Spanish; MA in English and Spanish; Ph.D. in English and Spanish

Professional experience:Associate Professor of English and co-director of the Scholars Program, Clarke University, August 2006-present. Began serving as co-director of the Scholars Program in August 2012; project director for Streamlines, an Undergraduate Conference Celebrating Language and Literature, Fall 2007-present; assistant professor of English/associate professor of English, University of Dubuque, August 2003—August 2006; Writer/editor for Twenty4Seven Communications (freelance), October 2002-October 2006; academic lecturer (part-time), Texas Tech University-Hill Country, August 2002-July 2003; assistant professor of English and Spanish, Schreiner University (full-time), August 2000-August 2003. instructor of English and Spanish (full-time), Southeast Community College-Beatrice Campus, January 1994-August 2000; instructor of Continuing Education (part-time) beginning and advanced Spanish courses at Southeast Community College-Beatrice. Fall 1994-Spring 1996; writer/editor for the Black Arts Alliance (freelance). ACTV public television, and the Urban League, Austin, Texas, August 1993-December 1995.

Teaching philosophy: My teaching philosophy is based upon the following assumptions: learning is a two-way street; all disciplines are connected to one another, and all of these disciplines are connected to our “real lives;” “it takes a village;” and education should be challenging and, at times, uncomfortable.

Clarke’s impact on Ann:  My experiences at Clarke have brought my teaching philosophy to life; they have allowed me to live it!

Ann’s impact on students:I chose Clarke because of the environment that it provides and invites me to be a part of. I earned my undergraduate degree in a place like Clarke, and I strive to give to my students what my professors gave to me: knowledge, respect and constant invitations to inquire beyond the surface of life.

Ann’s favorite:

Movie – Il Postino.

Book – WOW. This is an impossible question for an English professor to answer. If forced to choose ONE, I choose One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Quote – “Part of teaching is helping students learn how to tolerate ambiguity, consider possibilities, and ask questions that are unanswerable.” Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, United Statesian sociologist at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Class in college – All of the English classes that I took as an undergraduate at Briar Cliff.  My European History class and my Art History class at Briar Cliff. My literary theory class in my doctoral program.

Place traveled – WOW. Another nearly impossible question to answer. My two favorite places are Florence, Italy, and the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

Hobby – Reading, of course!

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