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Collaborate with our Talent

Did you know that the number of 18-year-olds in the US will decline nearly 15% between 2025 and 2030? Nearly every business and community organization needs more talent these days and the available talent pool is only going to get smaller due to declining birth rates.   

Get access to the talent you need and contribute to the retention of talent in our community. 

Internships – in all sizes

Internships are not just summer opportunities. Our students are available for internships in the fall, spring, and summer terms and for a variety of hours per week based on student schedules and your needs. Internships may be part of a student’s curriculum and/or graduation requirement or may be co-curricular. Our Career Services Office is ready to engage with you, the relevant faculty member, and student to create a rewarding internship opportunity.   

If your internship needs are already defined, simply complete our Internship Opportunity Form and we will post and share it with our students and faculty. 

Job Postings

Looking for part-time student workers (paid positions) or want to target graduating Clarkies and alumniPost your job and career opportunities with us. Keeping talent in our area is a top priority and aligned with the Greater Dubuque Corporation’s, “YOU CAN BE GREAT HERE” strategic plan!  Let us help you with your recruiting efforts of new graduates.  In addition, more than 4,000 Clarke alumni live in the greater Dubuque area and represent a rich population for employers who are seeking experienced hires. Simply complete this form and attach your job description and we will post and share it with our students and faculty.

Faculty and Student Projects 

Do you have a project that needs specific expertise and extra hands? Clarke faculty and students are here to help. Students are highly motivated to gain real world experience which they can feature on their resumes. Faculty bring expertise and experience and value the opportunity to enrich learning opportunities through professional projects. Examples of projects include graphic design, digital marketing, program review and evaluation, data analysis and telling your story.   

Our Director of Business and Community Engagement will partner with you to explore opportunities and connect you to the relevant faculty.  Share your initial ideas and needs by completing our simple intake form.