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COVID-19 Testing Options




  • Use your Clarke address or local Dubuque address.
  • You will be instructed to answer questions and issued a QR code to go to the site.
  • This test is a nasopharyngeal test performed by a nurse.
  • You will be instructed on Location which will usually be:
    • EPIC Health and Wellness, 1075 Cedar Cross Road, Dubuque
    • Grand River Medical Group Respiratory Clinic, 1400 University Avenue, Dubuque


UNLESS you are symptomatic, it would be better to go for free, guaranteed testing. If you go to an acute/urgent care facility, you will only be tested at the discretion of the provider/doctor.

Insurance does not cover COVID-19 testing if it’s not medically necessary.

If you have a Fever over 100.4 and one respiratory symptom like shortness of breath or cough, you will likely be tested. If you DO NOT have symptoms and were just exposed, they will not always test. For example, if you have nausea and vomiting, they may not test.

If you need to be seen, take your insurance card and drivers license. 

You NEED TO WEAR A MASK. If you are too short of breath to wear a mask, go to an Emergency Room (see options below.

Medical Associates Acute Care
1000 Langworthy Street, Dubuque

UnityPoint Urgent Clinic  – East
1550 University Ave, Dubuque


Reserved for acute/severe cases and symptomatic people in distress. Please go to the emergency room if you cannot wear a mask because you are short of breath, have blue lips, cannot speak or breathe.

MercyOne Medical Center
250 Mercy Drive, Dubuque
563- 589-8000

UnityPoint Health-Finley Hospital
350 North Grandview Ave., Dubuque
563 582-1881