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Clarke’s Annual Human Body Bee to Host 800 Area Students Friday

By Clarke News  |  March 15, 2008

If you are looking for a fifth-grader from a Dubuque-area school on Friday, April 18, you won’t have to look much further than the Clarke College Human Body Bee. Approximately 800 area fifth-graders will spend the day at Clarke on Friday to learn about various facets of the human body…all culminating with learning the results of the first official “bee,” or quiz about the human body, that students will take at the beginning of the day. The winning school goes home with bragging rights, a pizza party and a trophy as this year’s Human Body Bee Champion.

The event, which will run from 9:15 a.m.-1:20 p.m. on the Clarke campus, will include various photo and interview opportunities throughout the day. Media are invited to attend.

“The human body is fascinating in scientific and non-scientific ways,” said event organizer Bill O’Dell, associate professor of physical therapy at Clarke. “This day is a chance for students to learn about a wide variety of topics in a fun, interactive way. They leave with a new appreciation and excitement for the wonders of the human body.”

The day will begin with a new component of this year’s event as a team of students from each school will take a quiz to gauge their knowledge of the body, a major component of the fifth-grade science curriculum. Following the quiz, students will attend interactive sessions from a variety of Clarke’s academic departments, including art, biology, chemistry, computer science, drama, education, music, sociology, nursing and physical therapy. At lunch, the results of the bee will be shared and the school with the highest cumulative score will be named the Human Body Bee champions for the year.

Sessions during the event will use various hands-on activities to teach the students about a variety of human-body topics, including: human organs, how to start an IV and take blood pressure, muscles and electrical stimulation, bone fractures, chemistry of digestion, the Americans with Disabilities Act and its affect on those with disabilities, and movement and drawing of the body.

Area schools attending the event include: Audubon Elementary School, Fulton Elementary School, Holy Ghost Elementary School, Hoover Elementary School, Irving Elementary School, John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Lincoln Elementary School, Marshall Elementary School, Resurrection Elementary School, Sageville Elementary School, St. Anthony Elementary School, St. Columbkille Elementary School,Table Mound Elementary School, and George Washington Carver Elementary School.