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Grant Will Help Clarke Start Dubuque Math Teachers’ Circle

By Clarke News  |  April 8, 2015

Dubuque, Iowa

– Clarke University has received a $2,000 grant from the American Institute of Mathematics to create a Dubuque Math Teachers’ Circle.

The Math Teachers’ Circle Network connects teachers and professors through shared mathematical discovery building a mathematical culture of curiosity, creativity and collaboration (

). The upcoming Dubuque Math Teachers’ Circle

is a project for people who are passionate about teaching, mathematics and supporting teachers of mathematics. The Dubuque Math Teachers’ Circle is mathematically rich and incorporates techniques that would assist in the integration of problem solving in the classroom. Led by a

collaborative team from area middle schools and postsecondary institutions

, this Math Teachers’ Circle provides an opportunity to engage with a mathematical community in Dubuque and the surrounding areas.

“The Math Teachers’ Circle Network of people possess contagious enthusiasm. You can’t help but to have fun with and become invested in the mathematics when working in a Circle. Everyone is full of energy and wants to share the joy that can be had while doing math,” said Amanda H. Matson, Ph.D., assistant professor of Mathematics at Clarke University.

Clarke will start the Dubuque Math Teachers’ Circle this summer with a conference July 13-16, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily (lunch is included). Participants can earn two graduate credits, but are welcome to attend even if they are not seeking graduate credit. During the 2015-16 academic year, the Dubuque Math Teachers’ Circle will meet monthly over dinner after schools let out for the day. The academic year option would allow participants to earn one graduate credit, but is also open to participants who simply love mathematics and wish to join the fun.

To register, contact Deb Fordice at

. For all other questions, email the planning team at