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Portrait of Richard Grove

Richard Grove

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Psychology, University of North Dakota

Master of Science in Psychology, Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Waldorf College


Professional Background

Before joining Clarke University in 2022, Richard was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Birmingham in the UK from 2020-2022 working on the Science and Belief: Exploring the Spectrum of Global Perspectives project.

Research Interests

  • Social Psychology
  • Psychology of Religion
  • Quantitative Research Methods

Courses Taught

  • PSYC 121 Child & Adolescent Development
  • PSYC 224 Social Psychology
  • PSYC 420 Social Science Research Methods
  • PSYC 499 Capstone: Psychology Research
  • Selected Publications

    Clark, T. D., Grove, R. C., Terrell, H. K., & Swanson, C. (2020). Diverging perceptions of personal moral values and the values of one’s religious group. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. 59(1), 119-140.

    Grove, R. C., *Rubenstein, A., & Terrell, H. K. (2019). Distrust persists after subverting atheist stereotypes. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations. 23(7), 1103-1124.

    Grove, R. C., Hall, D. L., *Rubenstein, A., & Terrell, H. K. (2019). Post-Critical Belief Scale and scripture as predictors of prejudice. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 58(2), 526-536.

    Hall, D. L., Porter, E., & Grove, R. C. (2019). Are Muslim costly signals Christian caution signals? In D. J. Slone & W. W. McCorkle Jr (Eds.), The Cognitive Science of Religion: A Methodological Introduction to Key Empirical Studies. (pp. 173-180). London: Bloomsbury Academic.

    Grove R. C. & Terrell H. K. (2018) Political Leadership. In: Zeigler-Hill V., Shackelford T. (eds) Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences. Springer, Cham.

    Robles, E., Emery, N. N., Vargas, P. A., *Moreno, A., *Marshall, B., Grove, R. C., & Zhang, H. (2014). Patterns of responding on a balloon analogue task reveal individual differences in overall risk-taking: Choice between guaranteed and uncertain cash. The Journal of General Psychology141(3) 207-227.