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Portrait of Sue Leibold

Sue Leibold, MLIS

Library Director

Educational Background

MLIS Master’s Degree of Library and Information Science, University of Iowa, 2005
Bachelor’s Degree (History and Journalism) University of Iowa, 1999
Associate of Arts Degree, Kirkwood Community College, 1997
Certification Medical Assistant, Kirkwood Community College, 1982


Professional Background

I have always had an affinity for researching.  I used to drive my friends and family crazy with researching things to death.  I’d research every large purchase from vacuum cleaners to cars. In order to make the best decisions in life as possible, you need to understand an issue from different angles.  It is this love of researching that drew me to becoming a librarian.  I have worked in a variety of library environments and have loved each library I have worked in.

Certifications and Memberships

  • American Library Association (ALA)
  • Iowa Library Association (ILA)
  • Dubuque Area Library and Information Consortium (DALINC)
  • Iowa Private Academic Library Consortium (IPAL)
  • Iowa Library Alliance Consortium (IaLA)
  • Catholic Religious Archives Consortium (CRA)

Hobbies – interests – volunteer work

  • Traveling
  • Rock collecting
  • Dogs