Musical Theatre Outcomes

  1. To provide a solid background of study and training that will introduce the singer-actor to the elements of musical theatre including: 
    • Music theory
    • Music theatre history and literature and dramatic literature
    • Basic performance skills of musical theatre such as vocal production, dance, acting, and stage movement
    • Basic design and technical aspects relating to set, lighting, costumes, make-up, props, sound such as construction.
  2. To provide a solid background of study and training that will enable the singer-actor to:
    • Embark on future study (graduate program)
    • Attain positions that provide entrance to a professional career with the appropriate body of knowledge and skills
  3. To demonstrate integration and assimilation of intellectual and technical resources that lead to successful performance and career development
  4. To develop the students’ humanistic and artistic potential
  5. To work within the collaborative environment essential toward successful musical theatre
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