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Residence FAQs: Facilities

Is there internet in every room?
High Speed Internet connectivity is available in every student room. Before connectivity is turned on, residents will need to have their computer ‘certified’ by Clarke’s Computer Center. Certification ensures that each resident has updated antivirus software installed. Two data jacks are available in double rooms. Although all rooms have wireless internet, it is wise to bring an Ethernet cord. Cords need to be about 10 feet long. 

What are my cable options?
Clarke students receive a basic cable package of channels 2-76. If you would like to upgrade your cable package you will need to work directly through the cable company and assume all costs associated with the upgrade.

Are the Residence Halls air-conditioned?
Mary Josita Hall, Mary Benedict Hall, and Mary Francis Hall are not air-conditioned.  The Apartment Complex, however, does have air conditioning. Students requiring an air conditioner due to medical conditions will need to submit documentation from their medical provider stating their medical condition and how an air conditioner would enhance their medical treatment protocol. The physician’s letter or note will then be reviewed by an appropriate professional at Clarke (Health Services, Counseling Center, etc.) and a recommendation will be forwarded to Residence Life.  Due to the age of the building and the type of windows, air conditioning units are not compatible with all rooms in Mary Frances. 

Is there storage on campus?
Storage for on-campus residents is available during the summer months for students who live more than 500 miles from campus or if prior arrangements have been made with your assistant director.  Suitcases, etc. can be stored during the academic year for students. While Clarke University will use reasonable efforts to protect student property, it is understood that the university is not in any way liable for loss or theft of, or damage to, any property belonging to the resident who chooses to leave belongings in the trunk rooms.

Where can I do my laundry and how much does it cost?
Laundry facilities are located on the first floor or ground floor in every residential building. Through the Crusader Card, all residential students are given 32 wash and 32 dry loads per semester free. If a student exhausts their free load allotment, Crusader Funds can be used for laundry at the price of $1 for wash and $.75 for dry. The machines also accept quarters. A change machine is located on the ground floor of Mary Josita Hall and on the first floor of Mary Frances Hall.

Are there vending machines?
Vending machines are located in main areas, generally by the laundry facilities. Coin and Crusader Funds on the Crusader Card can be used for purchase.

Are any of the residence halls handicapped accessible?
The Catherine Dunn Apartment Complex is handicap accessible. Please contact the Office of Residence Life should you have any specific questions about room or building accommodations.

What about security in the residence halls?
Members of the Clarke Security Staff are on duty and completing rounds at Clarke 24-7. They are accessible at all times at (563)588-6393. Residential facilities are accessible to residents of that building only via an electronic chip access system. Although these measures are in place to facilitate student safety, the best people to assist in ensuring safety in the residence halls are the students themselves.  Please discuss your expectations with your student regarding their personal decisions, especially in regards to locking their room doors, strangers being allowed in their rooms, alcohol and/or drug consumption, etc. 

What size are the mattresses?
Mattresses are 78-80” x 38” (198-203cm x 96.5 cm). All beds include mattress, box spring and frame.

Do I have to keep all the provided furniture in the room?
Clarke does not have storage space for furniture that is provided in student rooms. The only item Clarke will store is the box spring IF students are lofting their beds using a loft from home. Any furniture that is not in the room at the end of the academic year will be billed to the student. 

Does my room have a loft?
All beds on campus are loftable, allowing for both beds to be lofted up to 7 ½ feet high, form an “L” shaped loft (one bed lofted, other on the ground), be bunked or both be on the ground. No extra tools are needed, and there is no additional charge for the loft. An unlofted bed can still be raised to about 3 feet off the ground. Due to the configuration and dimensions of the rooms, Mary Ben residents usually choose to loft only one bed. This gives you the flexibility to form an “L” shaped loft(one bed lofted, other on the ground), be bunked, or both be on the ground.  Click here for downloadable lofting instructions. 

What if I decide to make my own loft?
Students may use lofts in their rooms to create more floor space. Clarke University will take no responsibility for the students’ safety while the lofts are in their room. We reserve the right to inspect all construction. Lofts must meet the following safety guidelines.

  • Lofts must be freestanding and not attached to the wall, ceiling, or floor.
  • Lofts must be placed against a windowless wall and not constructed across an exit.
  • Existing mattresses must be incorporated into the loft design. In the case of loft construction, students will be allowed to store the box springs in a facilities closet. The loft must be removed a week before finals and the box spring returned to the room for check-out.
  • Lofts must be constructed using nuts and bolts or screws, rather than nails.
  • Lofts must maintain a distance of 30 inches from the top of the mattress to the ceiling.
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