Music Major

music Music is one of the most ancient and universal of the liberal arts, and the study of music is as varied as the types of music that exist throughout the world. Here at Clarke University, we possess a thriving fine arts community, and we believe one-on-one learning is the ratio for future scholars and laureates. On campus and beyond, Clarke’s music program harmoniously creates, expresses and inspires greatness. 

Do you have a passion for music and song? Clarke University’s contemporary music curriculum is designed for the student who wishes to pursue a broad range of musical interests within the context of a liberal arts education. Intensive one-on-one contact offers you the exclusive opportunity to work closely with faculty, guest artists and peers – a hallmark of Clarke’s music program. Our highly awarded faculty members each specialize in key areas of the music discipline: music history, theory, instruments, choral, vocal and music education. With Clarke’s outstanding vocal and instrumental ensembles and composition program, music majors can perfect their craft while performing both nationally and internationally.

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