Student Government

Students have the opportunity for involvement at nearly every level of college governance. Student representatives work on committees with trustees, faculty and administrators regarding policy making for academics, student life, and admissions.

Student leadership is provided by the Clarke Student Association. Every student who pays a student activities fee is a member of CSA. The Officers include class officers and student body representatives. CSA plans activities and represents the opinions of the students with the administration and on committees. You can email CSA at


2013-2014 Clarke Student Association (CSA) Executive Board:

President: Tia Grap ('14)
Vice President: Austin Myers ('14)
Secretary: Brittany Demmer('14)
Treasurer: Reid Johannsen ('15)
Advisors: Callie Clark and Kate Zanger

Class Officers
CSA Meeting Minutes

Student Organization Resources

Chartered Organizations and Contacts
Student Organization Manual and Forms
Adviser Manual
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Events and Activities

  • Summer School
  • Commencement2014
  • Clarke Academy Summer Camps and Academies