Business Administration

The TimeSaver Program offers majors in business administration leading to a bachelor of arts degree. The curricula prepare the students to enter corporate enterprises, small business, not-for-profit organizations or graduate programs in business. Graduates have positioned themselves to take on greater responsibilities at their current places of employment, many have started their own companies, and others have moved into more challenging positions in a variety of local, regional, national and international firms.

Accounting and Business PhotoThe program of study is based on a solid foundation in the liberal arts to provide students with thinking, writing, communicating, and human and value judgment skills. Many employers are seeking well-educated persons who can contribute in more than one area rather than specialists whose expertise is confined to one area. The goal of the department is to develop the student’s critical analytical, problem-solving, and quantitative decision-making capabilities through a solid grounding in modern business and economic theory. In addition to providing professional training, the department focuses on the application of fundamental principles to a wide variety of organizational situations.

Clarke’s business administration graduates are prepared for employment in areas including: management, sales, manufacturing, accounting, finance, insurance, real estate, banking, customer service, corporate taxes, retail, marketing and auditing.

Business Administration

The TimeSaver Business Administration major offers a choice of emphasis areas in management, finance, marketing, and global business. These options allow Clarke business students to focus on the career areas in which they have the most interest and skill – and in which the greatest number of  employment opportunities exist.

Core Requirements

All TimeSaver Business Administration majors are required to take certain general  education and skill courses, as well as a business core, in addition to their major courses.

General Education/Skill Courses

Prior to formal admission to the department majors, applicants must have a GPA of 2.0, and successfully completed 30 college credit hours including the following courses:

BUEC 121 Microeconomic Principles
BUEC 122 Macroeconomic Principles
MATH 220 Statistics
Ethics Course (PHIL 220 Business Ethics preferred)
CIS 101 Computer Applications in Business

The Business Core

Students must complete the following courses:

BUAC 225 Principles of Financial Accounting
BUAC 226 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUMG 112 Principles of Management
BUMG 205 Business Law
BUMK 220 Principles of Marketing
BUMG 250 Business Communications
BUFN 310 Finance I
BUMG 344 Operations Management
BUMG 354 Human Resource Management
BUMG 499 Capstone: Strategy and Policy

TimeSaver Business Administration

Students must complete the business core plus one area of emphasis from the following four:


BUMK 323 Consumer Behavior OR
BUMK 321 Sales Management
BUMK 326 Marketing Management
BUMK 327 International Marketing
COMM 201 Advertising


BUMG 302 Labor Management Relations
BUMG 320 Organizational Behavior
BUFN 415 International Finance OR
BUMK 327 International Marketing
300-400 Level Business Elective


BUEC 300 Money & Banking
BUFN 311 Finance II
BUFN 412 Investments & Portfolio Management
BUFN 415 International Finance

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