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Facilities & Equipment

Communication Labs

The Communication Labs are where the Communication program comes to life. Students have access two creative Communication Labs to complete projects for class, for The Crux, or for personal projects. Students have access to these Labs for up 20 hours each day.

On the third floor of Catherine Byrne Hall, the main lab offers students a 1000 square foot space with a dozen iMacs outfitted with Adobe Creative Cloud (e.g., InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), Apple’s latest MacOS and its software (e.g., iMovie, Keynote, GarageBand), and Microsoft’s Office 365 (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel). The rooms double as classrooms for the Communication courses. The Labs serve as the home of The Crux, a new student media initiative established with the purpose of providing a digital media platform for and by Clarke students.

The program remains updated with the latest technology for students to create media. Recent purchases include two Canon DSLR cameras, a GoPro Hero4 Black video camera, Final Cut Pro X, Olympus LS-100 digital audio recorders, and Røde shotgun mics.

Radio Station

Communication students have a radio station space that can broadcast inside the Student Activity Center, but students also use it as a sound studio to create podcasts and playlists for The Crux. Adding to a mixing board, audio recording equipment, and new microphones and headphones, updates to this space and technology will enable both traditional broadcasting and digital streaming capabilities.

In the Schrup Library

One Whisper Room is located in Eliza Kelly Hall and the second is in the Lingen Technology Commons on the lower level of the library.

A green screen gives students and faculty the ability to record video ready for chroma key compositing, allowing separately filmed footage or a static image to be inserted into the background.

The Lingen Technology Commons is a 5000-square foot collaborative space for students and faculty, featuring two classrooms with 24-32 computers for instruction, technology to record and deliver video lectures, collaboration and video conferencing room, and an information commons with a multi-function color printer, mobile whiteboards, and tv screens to project on.

Students can check out from the library circulation various technology tools, such as short-term laptops, headsets with microphones, flip cameras, small and large tripods, and voice recorders.


Labs and Equipment