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Culture & Inclusion

Diversity on Campus

Our campus thrives on unique voices, roots, and backgrounds. We think differently, feel differently, and work differently from one another. We affirm the value of multicultural understanding and promote and support diversity at Clarke University.

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Ally Network

The Ally Network at Clarke promotes and provides safe and inclusive environments for our students, peers, and colleagues regardless of race, gender identity, expressions, and sexual orientation to create a more inclusive society. Being part of the Ally Network means to actively support and advocate for marginalized populations. Those who complete the Ally Network training workshops may choose to display a placard on their office or workspace to visually communicate their commitment.

Contact Will Hudson or the Intercultural Programs office for more information about the Ally Network and its training workshops.

Campus Climate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Clarke University is committed to fostering a welcoming campus community that celebrates the unique contributions of each person and promotes an inclusive learning environment. To promote our core value of justice for the common good, we strive to respect diversity, practice inclusion, and seek equity. We all benefit from a diverse learning environment and the sharing of differences in ideas, experiences, and beliefs. Dimensions of diversity can include sex, race, age, national origin, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, intellectual and physical ability, sexual orientation, income, socio-economic class, faith and non-faith beliefs, religion, political affiliation, ideology, educational background, linguistic background, family or marital status, military experience, and geographic identity. Clarke University expects students, faculty, and staff to respect the individual intersection of these experiences and characteristics in our community and our classrooms.

Incident Reporting

We are dedicated to hearing the voices of individuals and investigating concerns. We strive to resolve crime and community issues, especially those of bias or discrimination. If you witness or experience an act that undermines these commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion at Clarke University, you should submit a bias incident report.