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Report the Incident

Please note that both options can be pursued simultaneously.

What to Expect if You Report to a Title IX Coordinator:
In Student Life: Kate Zanger – (563)588-6517
In Academics: Steve Kapelke – (563)588-6540

  • Referrals to university and community support resources (counseling, medical, etc.)
  • Information about the policy and processes
  • Information for reporting to the police, if interested
  • As needed, interim measures are implemented. These may include academic adjustments, room re-assignment, no contact orders, and counseling
  • An investigation including interviews and collection of relevant information/evidence will occur. The University will take into consideration the desire of the person making a report whether or not to open an investigation.
    • Responsibility and appropriate sanctions are determined. Sanctions may include: Warning, Probation, Suspension, or Expulsion. Additional educational sanctions and may be imposed as well.
    • Both parties have the right to appeal.

What to Expect if You Report to Local Police
Call the police non-emergency number at (563)589-4410

  • Initial interview is conducted
  • Information about community resources are provided
  • Investigation may include a forensic exam, witness statements, and evidence collection
  • Case may advance to county attorney for prosecution. Prosecution includes preliminary hearing, court dates, and verdict